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Integrating your pE-800 Illumination System into Imaging Software

Written by CoolLED

One of the main benefits of LED Illumination Systems is the ability to easily integrate them into imaging software, enabling unprecedented control of imaging experiments.

The new 8-channel pE-800 Illumination System is now fully supported in Nikon NIS Elements, µManager Hamamatsu HCImage and Incscoper software. For software programs where the pE-800 is not yet integrated, the pE-6501-8 can be used, and the LightBridge GUI also offers comprehensive control.

Well established CoolLED Illumination Systems such as the pE-4000, pE-300white and pE-300ultra are integrated into all major imaging software programs, and you can find out more about compatibility on CoolLED’s Imaging Software page.

This content was supplied by CoolLED.