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Talking Techniques | Revitalizing the western blot

Love it or hate it, western blotting forms the bedrock of countless studies across numerous disciplines. Explore its history, development and applications in this episode all about the marmite of life science techniques.

Guiding me through the hand wringing, hair follicle destroying history and process of western blotting – and hopefully explaining the beauty and potential of the technique – is Kenneth Oh, Senior Project Manager at Bio-Rad Laboratories.

Kenneth reveals some of the latest developments in western blotting. Revealing how researchers are now able to validate the success of each stage of a western blot and work with smaller samples, Kenneth provides key tips for ensuring each of your western blots is a triumph.


  • Intro: 00:00-01:15
  • History of western blotting: 01:15-3:50
  • What makes western blotting so tricky? 03:50-05:30
  • Stepwise optimization: 05:30-06:50
  • Stain-free western blotting: 06:50-08:50
  • The different variants of western blotting: 08:50-10:20
  • The right blot for the right application: 10:20-11:30
  • The most exciting developments in western blotting: 11:30-13:35
  • New horizons for western blotting: 13:35-15:25
  • The impact of multiplex-western blotting: 15:25-16:30
  • Tips for best practice: 16:30-18:10
  • The future of western blotting: 18:10-20:30
  • Yearning for automation: 20:30-21:30