Talking Techniques | Molecular therapeutics: how far have we come and what’s on the horizon?

Uncover the history of molecular therapeutics, the staggering current applications and developments of these therapeutics and what their future could hold, in this episode of Talking Techniques.

To explore the field of molecular therapeutics and provide an insight into their production, is Aaron Clauson, Product Manager at Zymo research. First, we cover the ins and outs of targeting the therapies and how to select the correct type of molecular therapeutic to begin developing a drug for a specific disease, before looking at some of the setbacks and safety errors that have occurred during the development of molecular therapeutics and how researchers have learned from these tragic events.

Aaron also highlights the vital role of plasmids in almost all molecular therapeutic development, detailing the importance of keeping plasmid solutions and transfections free of endotoxins, revealing key solutions for avoiding these contaminants.

Listen today to get all you need to know about molecular therapeutics, from their inception to their most exciting examples and how we can better communicate their benefits to the public in order to avoid mistrust and confusion – as has occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • What counts as a molecular therapeutic? 01:45-02:40
  • Well known molecular therapeutics: 02:40-05:00
  • What can molecular therapeutics achieve that synthetic chemicals can’t? 05:00-05:55
  • Targeting molecular therapeutics and picking the right type of therapeutic: 05:55-08:25
  • Selecting the appropriate molecular therapeutic: 08:35-11:00
  • Setbacks and safety concerns in gene therapies: 11:00-15:45
  • Preventing off-target effects in gene therapies: 15:45-17:35
  • Challenges in the development of molecular therapeutics: 17:35-19:05
  • Plasmids in molecular therapeutic development: 19:05-23:55
  • Avoiding endotoxins: 23:55-27:45
  • What fields do you find most exciting? 27:45-28:50
  • Better communication of gene therapies to the public: 28:50-32:00
  • Improving molecular therapeutic development: 32:00-37:10