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Talking Techniques | Adeno-associated viral therapies: harnessing the power of HPLC

This episode centers on the critical role that high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) plays in the production of adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based therapies, the latest advances in AAV design and the next steps in their development.

Filling me in on all things HPLC and AAVs is Bella Neufeld, Director of R&D at Teknova. Bella reveals the essential validation and quality control steps required for the production of successful and safe AAV therapies and the role that both HPLC and liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LCMS) play in these steps. We also explore the latest development targets for these therapies, looking at how AAVs can be targeted to specific sites and tissues before descending into the treacherous topic of reproducibility in the field.

Listen today to find out the latest tips for best practice when working with HPLC, LCMS, the advantages of LCMS over other analytical techniques to assess empty and full capsids and the key principles of AAV production!


  • Intro: 00:00-01:25
  • Explaining HPLC and its benefits: 01:25-03:30
  • Developing adeno-associated viruses: 03:30-05:25
  • Chromatography in validation vs production of AAVs: 05:25-06:15
  • Quality control vs hands on time: 06:15-07:35
  • Challenges in AAV production: 07:35-08:55
  • Examining the level of empty and full capsids: 08:55-10:00
  • The role of LCMS in determining and validating AAV content: 10:00-12:20
  • Tips for best practice when using HPLC: 12:20-13:10
  • The future of HPLC: 13:10-14:20
  • Latest advances in AAV development: 14:20-15:50
  • Targeting AAVs: 15:50-17:20
  • Reproducibility issues in AAV development: 17:20-19:35
  • Outro: 19:35-21:10