On the path to a flu universal vaccine

In an article recently featured on our sister site ID Hub, Senior Editor Martha Powell discusses the potential of ‘universal vaccines’ to deal with the continual thorn in the side of public health; influenza.

The influenza virus is responsible for the seasonal flu that infects millions of people worldwide each year and has the potential to break away into particularly potent or infectious strains, threatening pandemic level situations.

Martha analyses the virus, its structure and pathogenesis, and delves into the specifics of what makes influenza such a successful infiltrator, capable of evading our immune systems. The complex system of vaccine development and the rapidly evolving nature of the virus are laid bare, highlighting the need for a new approach to tackle the virus.

Breaking down the complex structure of the virus’s stalk and further subunits, Martha presents the potential immune targets and weaknesses that could be exploited in order to create a universal vaccine that is capable of replacing the currently internecine cycle of virus mutation and vaccine development.

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