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CRISPR 10x Spotlight

CRISPR is a key element of many lab scientists’ toolkits. In addition to its application in basic research, CRISPR is also being applied as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool, and is generating invaluable insights for drug discovery.

In this Spotlight on CRISPR, BioTechniques will be shining a light on the following topics:  

CRISPR and drug discovery: CRISPR knockouts, screens and single-cell screens are enabling the identification of new drug targets for various diseases. We examine each of these approaches and discover where CRISPR screening is heading in the future. 

CRISPR and the single cell: Gaining information on a single-cell level is increasingly important to ensure complete understanding of disease mechanisms. During this Spotlight, we will further home in on the novel insights that single-cell CRISPR screening can unveil about disease pathways and gene expression. 

CRISPR in the clinic: We investigate how CRISPR is informing oncologists and advancing precision medicine through identification of drug resistance in tumor cells. We also discover how CRISPR tools are being leveraged as potential diagnostics and therapeutics.

CRISPR in large animals: Where are we with performing CRISPR gene editing in large animals? We explore CRISPR tool precision improvements to minimize off-target effects and the current ethical considerations. We also look at the implications of gene editing in agriculture.